Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quantcast Goes Global With Local Audience Insights

Quantcast now delivers audience insights localized for every country around the globe to support its burgeoning slate of international publishers and marketers. Quantcast audience measurement provides web site owners with accurate, directly measured traffic, demographic, lifestyle, business and geographic audience data. Best of all, Quantcast audience measurement is completely free. By providing the marketplace with unparalleled audience insights, Quantcast enables publishers to better represent their unique audiences and empowers advertisers to reach specific online consumers with accuracy and scale. Quantcast provides comprehensive audience measurement for web sites, videos, widgets, games and more, with flexible options for understanding distributed/syndicated content and even networks that combine multiple individual properties. Standard integration is offered for numerous content, video and ad serving platforms Adobe Flash and Open Source Media Framework, Microsoft Silverlight, Brightcove, Freewheel, Auditude, LiveRail, Visible Measures, WebTrends, PointRoll, Atlas, Doubleclick, and many more.

"The rapid pace of change in the global media industry necessitates a new approach to audience measurement and enablement", said Konrad Feldman, co-founder and CEO Quantcast. "We're very proud of the support Quantcast has received from publishers and marketers around the world, and we're thrilled to offer country specific audience data to drive the industry's transformation to real-time content discovery and personalization." Since its launch in late 2006, Quantcast has rapidly grown and, today, provides audience insights for tens of millions of web destinations around the world. From global media leaders to individual blogs, when it comes to audience data, the world's digital community turns to Quantcast. Global, and local, media leaders and web pioneers use Quantcast including MTV Networks, Bloomberg, The Economist, Reuters, IAC, BBC, Time Inc., NBC Universal, Discovery Communications, TypePad, WordPress, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Hi5, Netlog, Demand Media and LinkedIn.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Smaato releases the first Smaato Mobile Advertising Metrics

Smaato Inc. published the Smaato Mobile Advertising Metrics. The Smaato Metrics reveal for the first time a Click Through Rate (CTR) Index by handset operating system. In addition, the Smaato Metrics show a comparison of mobile ad network fill rates worldwide and for the USA. These metrics are based upon 3 Billion ad requests served in the Smaato Network in December 2009.
“The Smaato Metrics provide key findings for the mobile advertising market: The performance of iPhone and iPod touch over the Android platform handsets is twice as good in regards to response rates (CTR). In regards to CTR, Symbian phones perform best and show twice as good performance over Feature Phones.” Ragnar Kruse, CEO of Smaato said. Quattro Wireless (recently acquired by Apple) and Millennial Media are the top performing mobile ad networks in the USA according to the Smaato Metrics. Both ad networks performed equally with 83% fill rates for mobile publishers in the Smaato Network.
“For mobile ad network performance, the Smaato Metrics show that the average worldwide fill rate is only 35%, which means that mobile publishers need multiple ad networks to monetize their inventory. Quattro Wireless and Millennial Media were the top performing ad networks in the US with a fill rate of 83% after optimization by Smaato – this demonstrated a very strong holiday season 2009 in Mobile Advertising,” Ragnar continued. Smaato released today also a new whitepaper for mobile publishers as a backgrounder on the current mobile advertising market and choices for publishers to maximize their mobile ROI. The whitepaper can be downloaded at and portraits international trends & findings for mobile ad monetization.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Business Analytics SaaS Market to Grow Three Times Faster Than the Overall Business Analytics Market (IDC)

Over the next five years, the business analytics software-as-a service (SaaS) market will grow more than three times as fast as the total business analytics software market with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.4% through 2013. A new study from IDC finds that the number of business analytics SaaS users will grow rapidly from a small base, however market revenue will remain low relative to on-premise software throughout the forecast period.

As more and more business analytics software providers move to address increasing market demand for software that is updated frequently, hosted offsite, and can be purchased on a subscription basis, several factors will help aid in driving this growth. "The business analytics SaaS market is poised for rapid growth as more organizations turn to cloud-based computing and alternative deployment options," said Brian McDonough, research manager for IDC's Business Analytics Solutions research service. "Growth expectations must be tempered as revenue generation gains traction behind user adoption."

This IDC study, Worldwide Business Analytics Software-as-a-Service Forecast, 2008-2013 (IDC #221320) presents the forecast for business analytics software offered as a service and discusses the drivers and trends impacting the market. It also addresses the competitive landscape of the business analytics SaaS market, which is now comprised of a mix of new entrants – established as SaaS providers – as well as established analytics vendors who have added SaaS offerings. Finally, the study provides essential guidance for vendors and users. Review the abstract or order this report via the IDC portal

Monday, December 21, 2009

comScore Announces New Service with IRI to Measure Impact of Online Advertising

comScore announced a new solution, in conjunction with Information Resources, Inc. (IRI), that measures the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns in building sales of CPG brands in supermarkets, drug stores, mass merchants, convenience stores and other retail channels that are important to the CPG industry. The solution uses IRI's Consumer NetworkTM household purchase panel to measure retail sales in all channels along with comScore's ability to understand which panelists were exposed to online advertising. The solution will be integrated into comScore's AdEffxTM suite of products that provides media planners with all the tools they need to maximize the ROI from their online ad campaigns, ranging from data for improved planning through to tools for smarter buying and finally the channel-wide measurement of campaign ROI that are the focus of this new service.

"This solution presents CPG advertisers with a comprehensive understanding of their brand sales gains that resulted from online ad exposures, whether those sales occur in supermarkets, drug stores, or other channels where their brands are purchased," said Alistair Sutcliffe, comScore vice president. "The combination of IRI's multi-channel purchase panel data with comScore's industry-leading online data offers the critical components needed to accurately tie consumers' purchase behavior back to their exposure to online media."

"IRI's history is rooted in the introduction of innovative services that deliver breakthrough value to the CPG industry, and once again we see that happening here," said Robert (Bob) I. Tomei, President of Consumer and Shopper Insights, IRI. "Today's marketers must be more efficient and effective with their online campaigns while at the same time, be in a position to evaluate how online behavior drives offline sales. The powerful combination of comScore, the leader in Internet measurement, and IRI provides a comprehensive suite of media planning, buying and analysis services which will help provide the insights that the CPG industry needs as it explores the many and varied uses of online marketing." comScore's press room provide complete details of this new service

Thursday, December 10, 2009

comScore Launches AdEffx™ Suite for Digital Advertising Effectiveness

comScore launched comScore AdEffx™, an integrated campaign effectiveness measurement suite that enables clients to accurately “measure what matters” depending on their particular campaign objectives. The comScore AdEffx suite resolves many longstanding measurement challenges that have precluded advertisers and publishers from accurately accounting for ad delivery against its intended targets and the resulting brand and sales lifts on audiences exposed to the campaign. The comScore AdEffx™ suite currently includes five core services:
  • Campaign Essentials – Provides critical measures of the actual delivery of every campaign including reach, frequency, GRPs / TRPs and demographics of those exposed to the advertising in a post-buy analysis. This module provides advertisers and their agencies with the type of campaign reporting information they are used to obtaining through TV post-buy analyses, helping make online advertising consistent with traditional media.
  • Action Lift – Demonstrates the lift in online behaviors over time following the viewing of a marketer’s ad at any Web site and in any ad format, including search, display and video formats. Behavioral changes that are measured include site visitation and trademark search query activity.
  • Brand Survey Lift – Demonstrates the lift in consumer attitudes and intentions subsequent to advertising exposure in any online ad format. Can also include an evaluation of the lift from mobile advertising.
  • Online Sales Lift – Measures the lift in sales over time at an e-commerce site following exposure to an online ad in any format. This module includes a measurement of latent purchase behavior that is not accurately captured by click-based metrics, giving marketers a unique view into their online market share.
  • Offline Sales Lift – Measures the lift in offline sales resulting from online ad exposure in any ad format, also including latent buying following ad exposure. The solution matches the comScore panel with third party offline databases to create single-source data marts that combine online activities (including ad exposure) with offline buying behavior.

“comScore’s continued innovation in the field of advertising effectiveness has helped us provide added value to our clients. Their suite of products allows us to measure advertising impact across delivery, attitudinal changes and offline sales impact” said Theresa LaMontagne, Carat SVP of Data Analytics and Insights. comScore's product portaldescribed the complete feature set and performance parameters

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